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All of our outdoor billboards are located either at traffic light controlled intersections, shopping centre entrances, or other large traffic areas, giving clients a captured audience for not less than 45 to 70 seconds. We have proven to be leaders in brand awareness, event promotions, instant messaging and sales promotions for big, medium and small enterprises alike.


All of our electronic billboards are capable of screening video, animation, static graphics, and moving or stationary text. Our imported screens incorporate the latest technology high-resolution LED displays capable of displaying in excess of 16 million shades of colour.


Advertisers have the opportunity of placing a 10, 15, 20, or 30 second advert, which can be uploaded to any one of our country-wide screens instantly. Adverts are run throughout the day and night, during on and off-peak traffic times. Our highly trained graphic designers can create high-impact advertisements, which can be changed within the hour as required.

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