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DOOH drives online activities at 5x – 6x above expected rate

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Digital is Out Of Home’s fastest growing sector.
It has been growing 25% YOY for the past few years

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Digital spend is likely to reach 40% of all OOH spend within the next 5 Years

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Whether you’re venturing into advertising for the first time or representing a well-established brand, Alive Advertising is here to breathe life into your campaigns.

Discover how we can help you optimize advertising expenses and connect with a broader audience, ensuring effective outreach to new customers.

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Save Costs Go Digital

Take advantage of our comprehensive in-house services, featuring creative designers dedicated to defining and achieving your campaign objectives. Leverage the expertise of our designers, who possess over 15 years of intimate industry understanding in digital billboard advertising.

Reach ideal audience segments at the right time and place

Timing and context are what make Digital Out Of Home ads so effective. When DOOH inventory is bought programatically, it’s easy to change the campaign to deliver at a different frequency, to switch out creatives, or even to stop a campaign without incurring penalties.

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