Billboards Versus Google and Facebook Ads

On how billboards can compete with Google and Facebook

In the billboard industry there’s been a lot of work in how we create attribution…At the end of the day you’re never going to out facebook facebook and your never going to out google google with a board.  So what you really have to focus on when you’re talking about digital billboards is what does a digital billboard bring that google doesn’t and what does a digital billboard bring that facebook doesn’t.  And really what it is, is your ad is 50’ wide on the side of the road and there are thousands of cars driving by that ad every single day.  And these are people who maybe your online models aren’t hitting…

The pending change will hurt online advertising models.

…Beyond that you have is a lot of changes coming to the attribution that are being driven by Apple…With Apple you have this new IOS coming in May and…if you’re an Apple user when you launch Facebook it’s going to say do you want facebook to track you outside of Facebook…studies have shown that 60-70% of people are saying no.  And that’s going to destroy attribution models for a lot of advertising online.

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