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It is difficult to determine the “best” retail digital out of home (DOOH) campaign as it can vary greatly depending on the specific goals and metrics used to measure success. However, some notable and successful retail DOOH campaigns include:

1. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to promote the personalization of Coca-Cola bottles, encouraging customers to share photos of their personalized bottles on social media.

2. Nike’s “Nothing Beats a Londoner” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to showcase the energy and spirit of London, with a focus on the city’s athletic and cultural achievements.

3. Tesco’s “Food Love Stories” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to showcase the stories behind Tesco’s food, highlighting the journey from farm to table and emphasizing the quality and freshness of the products.

4. McDonald’s “Follow the Arches” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to guide customers to the nearest McDonald’s location, using augmented reality to show the direction and distance to the nearest restaurant.

These campaigns demonstrate the potential for DOOH to engage customers, promote products, and build brand awareness in creative and impactful ways.

Here are some more notable retail digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns:

1. IKEA’s “The Bookbook” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to promote IKEA’s catalog, with a humorous twist that likened the catalog to an outdated Apple product.

2. Walmart’s “Save Money, Live Better” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to promote Walmart’s brand message, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing affordable products and services to customers.

3. H&M’s “Close the Loop” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to promote H&M’s sustainability efforts, highlighting the company’s recycling initiatives and encouraging customers to recycle their clothing.

4. Adidas’ “Here to Create” campaign: This campaign used DOOH displays to showcase Adidas’ commitment to creativity and innovation, highlighting the company’s role in shaping the future of sports and fashion.

These campaigns demonstrate the versatility and impact of DOOH in promoting retail brands and products, and showcasing the values and initiatives of retailers.


How Betway has partnered with Alive Advertising to achieve significant growth to their brand


Overwhelming Customer Satisfaction. Achieving Project Objective with annual growth.

Betway has become a very well known advertiser on the Alive Advertising Digital Billboards and looks forward to a continued long term business parnership going forward


Ster Kinekor & KFC

The use of high-quality video footage draws attention to the advert more effectivly than a TV commercial.

There are no distractions and you can’t “turn it off” – thereby captivating your audiences attention


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