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Whether you’re a first-time advertiser or a well-established brand, Alive Advertising can assist you in breathing life into your campaign.

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62 LED Billboards Nationwide

At Alive Advertising, we believe in the power of digital out-of-home advertising to reach and engage your target audience. Our extensive network of digital advertising sites is strategically located in high-traffic areas, including near major malls, busy intersections, and prime locations across South Africa.

 We have a proven track record of delivering effective DOOH advertising campaigns for our clients. Our success stories highlight key factors that contribute to the effectiveness of DOOH advertising, such as:

Captured audience: Our digital advertising sites are located in high-traffic areas, ensuring that your advertising message is seen by a large and diverse audience.

Dwell time: Our sites are designed to capture the attention of the audience and keep them engaged, leading to longer dwell times and increased brand exposure.

High traffic intersections: Our sites are located at busy intersections and other high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum reach and frequency for your advertising message. .

Urban Roadside LED Network

Alive Advertising intergrates the latest in Digital Out Of Home technology to deliver a lasting emotional connection between brands and consumers. Alive Advertising offering a wide range of high impact and high resolution quality screens located at strategic points of interest reaching every demographic in South Africa.

Reaching over 1000 Major Supermarkets, Malls and Retailers across all 9 provinces of South Africa!

Connecting your Brand to your Consumers using DOOH

Highway & Countryside

From rural to urban we reach them all.


Captured Audience

Being strategically placed at high volume traffic intersection, you have an opportunity to engage with potential customers about your product or service while waiting at a traffic intersection. Unmissable!

Consistency and Repetition

Over 60% of motorists will drive through the same intersection on a daily basis. The consistent top of mind awareness drummed into the minds of potential customers at key intersections will certainly drive brand retention and greater sales

Prime locations

Alive Advertising is well known for its prime locations across South Africa. Being the first in Digital Billboard Advertising we were lucky to have the opportunity to select the most prime geographic and demographic locations where no one else was present.

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