OOH Sales Proposals

Selling is the changing of minds; a sales proposal is the playbook for that change.

After the data gathering meeting return with a proposal for the client within 2 to 4 business days. Get the client’s agreement about timing. The impact of your proposal declines every day you delay. If you estimate creating the proposal will require an extended amount of time, explain you fully customize every proposal tailored to their needs so it may take longer.

No Jargon! For every industry reference you use, it will cause the prospect to doubt whether they should buy OOH themselves or have an ad agency do it.

Begin the presentation by asking if anything has changed since your last meeting. Be prepared to pivot. Get buy in after every section and ask if they agree.

Do not hand them a paper copy of proposal until you are finished. Clients want to immediately jump to the cost.  They may interrupt to ask the cost; address it on the spot.  “I can tell you the cost is $XXXX but you don’t know what the value is so let’s review the proposal. It takes their mind off of price, so they focus on your ideas.

Divide your proposal into 8 sections (we’ll cover the first 4 this week).

1. Needs and Objectives

Re-state the client’s needs/objectives in their words. Avoid any reference to OOH/media in this section. Use the client’s words verbatim as they believe someone who talks like them is smart

2. Rationale

The “why” of what you are proposing. Define what an ultimate plan would be for the client. “The ideal plan will achieve/contain XYZ”.  Ad agencies have long known, if a client buys the rationale, they will buy the proposal.

3. Why Out of Home

Advertising works in the mind…how it gets there is immaterial. Begin with this point: “Dollar for dollar time for time out of home delivers ad results equal to or better than any other medium.”  Clients may ask how you know that; simply say, “It has been our branch’s experience.”Use general “why out of home” statements customized to your market. For example: instead of using this statement: “out of home cuts through the ad clutter”, use “XYZ OOH Company’s boards cut through the ad clutter in XYZ market”. Never use general out of home sales statements without customizing them.

4. Why Your Company

Do not use general sales points in this section.  Sell your unique coverage/attributes. If you have difficulty devising reasons your clients should use your company/market, work with your management to develop three to five compelling, unique reasons you are the preferred choice.

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